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Andrea Mason / Architect is a multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in both high end retail and residential projects. The design’s sensibility is one that embraces materials, craft, and proportion in relationship to the specificity of a project. An attention to detail incorporating the client’s aspirations, programmatic requirements, and the uniqueness of place, coupled with a clean design sense results in an array of distinctive and personal projects.

Currently, Andrea Mason has been working on numerous high end retail projects with Steven Harris Architects / Rees Roberts & Partners including the Barney’s New York Chelsea flagship store as well as new boutiques for Dolce & Gabbana in Saint Barths, Rome, and Beverly Hills. In addition to these projects, the firm has also collaborated with Laurent Deroo Architecte on the APC Mercer Street store and is working on several residential and commercial projects in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

Prior to forming Andrea Mason / Architect in 2005, Andrea Mason worked with a wide range of well-known architects and designers. With Stephan Jaklitsch Design, she designed retail stores in Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles and branding concepts for Marc Jacobs. Earlier in her career, she worked with Polshek on the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Steven Harris Architects, helping develop eclectic urban townhouses and distinct residences. With the Arizona desert iconoclast Will Bruder, she helped design an addition to the Scottsdale Museum of Art. Mason has also been involved in exhibition design, creating installations for the video artist John Pilson in the 2000 Venice Biennale as well as a video viewing environment for the PS 1 New York Animations 2001 exhibition in New York and Berlin. A graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, she is the recipient of the Moulton Andrus Award and Drawing Prize. She graduated with honors from Barnard College where she majored in Architecture and German Literature. 

Andrea Mason is a licensed Architect in New York.

Photography credits:
West Village Apartment, Manhattan New York: Mikiko Kikuyama
Barneys New York Chelsea and Beverly Hills with Steven Harris Architects: Scott Frances
Boerum Hill Apartment, Brooklyn New York: Mikiko Kikuyama
Beehives & Buzzcuts Kid's Salon, Manhattan New York: Mikko Kikuyama
APC Mercer Street, SoHo New York  with Laurent Deroo Architecte: Emily Lin
Marc Jacobs Los Angeles with Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects: Paul Warchol
Marc by Marc Jacobs Los Angeles with Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects: Paul Warchol